Warehouse Distribution Software



This inventory management software, from Saras Software, offers a complete set of inventory management tools, from procurement thru sales, for automobile parts. This application suite comes with powerful capabilities that are needed to manage stock levels, alternate part levels, and part sales and purchases.  This application improves supply chain management and delivers an end-to-end process.

Developed over two decades, this application has been developed specifically with the automotive business in mind.  This application has progressively evolved in HP/DEC based (Vax/VMS – Alpha) systems.  The application is fully developed in Vax Basic language utilizing the powerful DEC RMS file systems.


  • Get complete real-time visibility into demand, supply, costs and fulfillment measures and trends
  • Manage margins with a clear view into inventory costs, turn rates and inventory profitability
  • Effectively and efficiently meet customer demand, helping drive and maintain superior customer service levels
  • Well integrated application modules – for Ordering / Goods in-warding / warehouse management / Sales order tracking and fulfillment / accounts payable

Key Features

  • Demand Planning
    • Calculate demand plans leveraging historical data or sales forecasts
    • Model how expected sales and purchase orders affect future inventory levels
    • Calculate supply plans and automatically generate purchase or work orders.
    • View stocks within each warehouse; View Prices, costs, and stock levels within the parts selector dialogue and/or the Point-of-Sale window.
    • Access inventory purchase and sales history
    • Manage inventory using purchasing tools and stock management utilities.
    • Module also include assembly options, core management, and serialized items
  • Purchasing and Vendor Management
    • Provides a simple online purchase order creation
    • Streamline requisition processes and improve collaboration with vendors by giving them self-serve access to key data and information, including inventory reordering points and transaction histories
    • Track costs and eliminate errors by creating a complete business process flow through purchasing, receiving and account payables.
  • Warehouse and Inventory Control
    • Provides a real-time, detailed visibility into key inventory control and supply chain management measures, including inventory trends, stock on order, and supplier on-time performance
    • Provides advanced inventory tracking from the initial point-of-sale all the way to storage and shipping.
    • Allows search capabilities by part number, description, supplier, lookup and other search options; Includes accurate tracking capabilities of quantities and costs by product
    • Slash inventory costs by tightening control of stock levels while increasing operational efficiencies
    • Increase product margins by effectively managing pricing based on different types of customers, channels and currencies
    • Gain control over inventory replenishment and ensure that you have enough on hand to fill anticipated orders, while keeping excess stock to a minimum
    • Extensive inventory management software features also include bin and lot management, landed cost, demand-based replenishment, customer and volume pricing, multi-location inventory, and more.
    • Parts cross-referencing system enables you to swap one part for a another
    • Integrates minimum order quantities, units of measure, bin locations, overstock locations, customer back order quantities, numbers of items on hand, purchase order history, kitting/bill of materials, special pricing, up sale items, alternate and cross-reference item numbers
  • Order Fulfillment System
    • Pick lists generated for every order, in an easy to pick style
    • Customized Labels printing; Invoice generation
    • Support for delivery by internal / external sources
  • EDI System
    • Supports receipt of orders thru EDI
    • Supports sending of goods-in-transit info thru EDI
  • Accounts Receivables / Accounts Payable systems
    • Basic support to AP / AR systems
    • Feeds can be generated to any stand alone finance applications